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Longer I WaitLonger I Wait,
More You Love Me

Wendy S. Walters

Poetry | 2009 | 124 pages | $18.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9789262-2-9

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In the thirteen experiments in narrative structure that comprise LONGER I WAIT, MORE YOU LOVE ME, Wendy S. Walters’ first full-length collection, special attention is given to the long-form poem. The subtle dynamics of relationship that can lead to loneliness, romance and even divine love are noted with deadpan perceptiveness. This collection examines how misfortune occurs when we allow those moments, people and locations most familiar to us to pass by without acknowledgement of their resonant mystery.


“Wendy S. Walters is not poetic, she is cinematic. Her toolbox contains all of the possibilities of widescreen behavior, and each page of this book knows it. Everything we learned as poets, she has unlearned. If you read her across the page, horizontally, she appears to be a narrative poet with a linear line in love with story but if you read her down the page, vertically, she appears to be a philosophical painter with an insistent line in love with layering. Verité not mere studio mise en scene, Walters is also a master of erasure––no easy similes or tie-up-the-end-the-poem metaphors. Her aspect ratio is wholeness, the gathering of artifice, allegory and constant, intellectual creativity. Longer I Wait, More You Love Me is a bit of a tease too. It hears our request and knows we want song.”

— Thomas Sayers Ellis


Longer I Wait, More You Love Me is a dream-radio in which Wendy Walters tunes a wonderment of voices. It is beautifully kaleidoscopic. Mixing loneliness and longing, juxtaposing eroticism, humor and violence, this collection is fable-esque, journalistic, rapturous, and dead-pan—acknowledging that ‘It can be hard to get a message through when / people are underwater‘—without betraying the complex narratives of our lives. These poems accrete with a heart-rending attentiveness to the actual: stories of family, lovers, politics and race are sharpened and backdropped by the speaker’s avowal that ‘Inside me / are many people / I don’t know // who they speak for / They talk / all the time.’ Longer I Wait, More You Love Me swells with the cut-up songs of unhearing and the vicissitudes of intimacy, marking the arrival of a much-needed new voice in contemporary poetry and inviting ‘the rotten joyful / to take one on the chin.‘”

— Alex Lemon

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