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Langquage Makes Plastic of the BodyLangquage Makes Plastic
Of The Body

Andrew Choate

Poetry | 2006 | 36 pages | $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9743181-9-6 | Saddle-sewn binding

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The first book-length work by this South Carolinian / Southern Californian writer collects songs, essays, poetry, brief prose stories and documents from his unusual epistolary archive. Choate combines close attention to graphic detail – from page design to the evocativity of intentional misspelling – with a heightened focus on the influence of sonic texture over a word’s migration between the page and the person. A wry but contagious humor underlies each piece. Includes “Laser Pointers Put the Demon in Demonstrate.” Accompanying each book is a CD featuring musical renditions and other sonic performances of the work, plus 18 CD-exclusive pieces.

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